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also they should not be allowed to use internet or cell phone till late night..

its time parents shud understand and take responsibility before its too late... I wonder when the elders and parents of our society will wake up, perhaps when everything will be ruined for their families.

The boy acted nice and dropped her back after a nice lunch.

Then such meetings became frequent and one day boy asked her to accompany him to Murree in morning. She went to Murree with him instead of going school.

Yaaaaaaaar plz porn sites iss syh ziada tabahaeee kia hoo gi k girls are mostly wathching these sites and yahoo orkut facfe book as well are mostly use for sex relation plzzzzzzzz iss taraf tawja doooooo I dont know if the story is fake or real But one thing is possible for the govt to do..that is ban all these non sense chatrooms and porn sites....

If they can ban the name zardari from the search engines ,i am sure they can do this too. منافقت تو ختم ہے پاکستانیوں پر۔ محرب الاخلاق ویب سائیٹس دیکھنے میں ساری دنیا کو مات دینے والے غیرت کے چیمپیئن لڑکیوں پر اعتراضات اٹھا رہے ہیں۔ عجیب معاشرہ ہے، مرد ہیرا منڈی چلا جاۓ تو خیر ہے مگر لڑکی ڈانس بھی کرلے تو غیرت خاک میں مل جاتی ہے۔ This is true.. i think the reason is becoz the parents of our generation have never used internet, chats, cell phone frndships n all that in their young age they think internet helps with study for their children.they dont know wat it actually is being used for the parents should understand these put their kids on keep an eye on them there are keyloggers available, through which they can monitor their kids...

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medicals examins proved that they were raped but unfortunately rapers could not gave them their photos after this crime so these girls could not identify the criminals.Sehrish wanted to go home now, but as both were laying naked in the bed, two more boys emerged under the bed and grabbed Sehrish and then they raped her.

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