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18-Sep-2017 17:31

“If a lot of people have the same results, then scientists will start looking into the data in greater detail,” he says.“We have so many different levels of certification, so there might be a small dip in the luminosity curve but it may not be a planet.

The space-based online game , which bills itself as “the world’s largest living work of science fiction”, is delving into science fact by asking players to help search for planets outside our solar system.

They will be looking at luminosity curves, representing the change in a star’s brightness as a planet passes in front of it.

Besides revealing the presence of exoplanets, the luminosity variations can reveal information about their orbit and atmosphere.

Although the COROT mission ended in 2013, there are still mysteries to unlock, says project member Michel Mayor, an astrophysicist at the Geneva Observatory in Switzerland.

Mayor and his colleague Didier Queloz discovered the first exoplanet, 51 Pegasi b, in 1995.When Project Discovery launched last year, it set players the task of analysing high-resolution slides of human cells to look for patterns linked with proteins.

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