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DADE Can this wait until both my eyes are open, please?

MURPHY (angry, through the bathroom door) You hooked it up to the phone, didn't you?

This defendant possesses a superior intelligence, which he uses to a destructive and antisocial end. DADE (after a semi-pregnant pause) I'm taking over a TV network.

The prosecutor, a woman of about forty, gives her closing argument blandly. PROSECUTOR The defendant, Dade Murphy, who calls himself "Zero Cool", has repeatedly committed criminal acts of a malicious nature.

You're going to love New York, it's the city that never sleeps! Dade emerges from the ground-floor apartment on rollerblades and skates down the street to school.

The tape changer machines at OTV are swamped, sometimes fighting over the same tape. The message comes up on Dade's computer screen: I WILL SWAT U LIKE THE FLY U R More dueling tape changers, more half second video clips. I WILL SNAP YOUR BACK LIKE A TOOTHPICK As the duel continues, Dade types back a taunt of his own: MESS WITH THE BEST DIE LIKE THE REST One last from Acid Burn: YOU ARE TERMINATED Then his own computer confirms for him that the connection is terminated.

A three-second video clip rolls through his mind: it is a screaming woman being strangled in an old movie.

Dade is soaking wet, and trudges among his classmates leaving a muddy trail.

He's been playing with his computer all night for a solid week.

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Dade's mom picks up the phone, mocking a call to the building superintendent. MURPHY Can I cut the electricity to his room so he'll sleep normal hours? DADE Well, yeah, I just haven't found one as charming as you yet. MURPHY You haven't been doing anything stupid, right, Dade?

Rev.97/10/01 "Hackers" Movie Script Typed by Lo Wang UNITED ARTISTS PICTURES presents an IAIN SOFTLEY film "HACKERS" JONNY LEE MILLER ANGELINA JOLIE FISHER STEVENS and LORRAINE BRACCO music by SIMON BOSWELL edited by CHRISTOPHER BLUNDEN MARTIN WALSH production designer JOHN BEARD director of photography ANDRZEJ SEKULA executive producer IAIN SOFTLEY co-producer JANET GRAHAM written by RAFAEL MOREU produced by MICHAEL PEYSER RALPH WINTER directed by IAIN SOFTLEY SEATTLE 1988 EXT.

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