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In 1960, N&W became the last major class 1 railroad to end steam but didn't retire its last remaining Y class 2-8-8-2s until 19.

By 1965, steam on class I railroads was gone but steam wasn't gone on class II railroads until 1974 and class III and mining railroads did not retire their steam locomotives from their active roster until 1983.

By 1970, other mergers with the Nickel Plate Road and Wabash formed a system that operated 7,595 miles (12,223 km) of road on 14,881 miles (23,949 km) of track from North Carolina to New York and from Virginia to Iowa.

In 1980, NW teamed up with the Southern Railway, another profitable carrier and created the Norfolk Southern Corporation holding company by merging its business operations with the business operations of the Southern Railway.

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After several years of operating under receiverships, Mahone's role as a railroad builder ended in 1881 when northern financial interests took control. Kimball and his board of directors selected Big Lick, a small Virginia village on the Roanoke River, to be the junction of SVRR and NW. Over time, Roanoke began to grow and in the 1950's, reached a population of over 20,000.

Mahone got quickly to work restoring "his" N&P, and resumed his dream of linking the three trunk lines across the southern tier of Virginia to reach points to the west.