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26-Dec-2017 19:34

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So I felt like it was a good place to set the show.Question: Adam and Shawn, how much did your prior work playing police officers on other shows influence your performances here?Anthony Wiener, General Petraeus, everybody seems to be willing to tweet or video almost anything they do and take a risk, thinking that it won't affect their lives.

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With that in mind, let’s see what they’re up to 18 years later, in 2016.

Also read: Do you know who is Scott Eastwood's new partner? Cressida Bonas Source: Ben Robson was romantically linked to Cressida Bonas in 2015.

Bonas was previously in a relationship with Prince Harry.

I had never spent any time in the South, and I was blown away by how different it is.

I'm always inspired to write about a place I've never been, because it's great to fantasize about being there.

The pair were caught getting out of local Starbucks.