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Mattias' drumming blends computer technologies with the live kit sounds.The keyboard and guitar sounds and techniques used are all over the place. "Tanzen Und Springen" () the most melodically memorable song on the album but perhaps the least adventurous.The term rapidly found a better reputation in underground music circles and finally gained a certain popularity (thanks to the Brain-Festival Essen...) The Krautrock movement is widely associated with notorious bands such as Popol Vuh, Amon Duul, Faust, Neu! With their own particular artistic expression, these musical collectives provided rocking psychedelic incantations, mantra like drones, melancholic lugubrious atmospheres, long and convoluted collective improvisations, binary repetitive drum pulses, fuzz guitars, feedback, primitive electronic noises, hallucinatory ballads, and garage blues rock trips.

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Now the midnight channel, the portal into that strange other world, is calling on the heroes once more First appeared: Persona 3Seemingly a normal high school student on the surface, Aigis is actually a highly developed (though amnesiac) android.Cologne and Dusseldorf underground scenes focused on happenings, political rock, electronics, pulsating rhythms and clean sounding Krautrock (Floh de Cologne, La Dusseldorf, Neu! This musical cartography is correct in the absolute but naturally reveals some variations and exceptions.This intriguing and freak 'n' roll 1970's German scene enjoyed a rebirth in recent years thanks to a large number of reissues (of long lost classics) published by several independent labels (Spalax, Garden of Delights, Long Hair Music...) as a direct result of Krautrock's musical inspiration of modern post rock bands.After the death of his sister at a young age, hes committed to helping others, training in boxing to strengthen his resolve while also battling the invading Shadows of the twelve Arcana.

Hes very close to fellow SEES founder Shinjiro, another person he blames himself for not being able to save.

Overall, the music is derivative, yet experimental; it's rhythmic and yet avant; it's militaristic yet psychedelic. Nice lead guitar work (especially the Todd Rundgren-like work in the ninth and tenth minutes). "Das Trinklied vom Jammer der Erde" () starts off very etheral/ambient before electronic drums and deep synth washes take over.