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29-Jul-2017 11:11

You can check for a Subscription Retry Flag in the receipt to determine if the App Store is still attempting to renew the subscription.

The App Store renews the subscription slightly before it expires, to prevent any lapse in the subscription. For example, if the user’s payment information is no longer valid, the first renewal attempt fails.

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Because subscriptions involve an element of time, your app must be able to determine whether the subscription is currently active and determine the subscription states for past dates.

(For information about the receipt, see .) The user has access to all content published between each subscription start and end date, and the content that was initially unlocked when the subscription was purchased.

If the subscription lapsed, there will be multiple periods of time during which the subscription was active, and there will be pieces of content unlocked at the beginning of a subscription period.

During those ten days, the App Store checks for any billing issues that might delay or prevent the subscription from being automatically renewed, for example: The App Store may notify users of any issue so that they can resolve it before the subscription expires and avoid an interruption in their subscription service.

During the 24-hour period before the subscription expires, the App Store starts trying to automatically renew it.The user has access to the February and June issues because they were initially unlocked when the subscription was purchased or restarted.

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